custom software solutions for the management of logistics and transport integration to major ERP on the market.

Management of all activities from the commercial all’amministrativo, from logistics and distribution throughout the country, with land logistics solutions, air or naval.

Mobile Solutions for the management of delivery materials, economy of resources, delivery and tracking of the transport expenses report.


The company is one of the largest operators in transport and distribution vehicles in Italy and abroad.
Our collaboration with the group performs in the design and realization of the mobile solutions to support the company’s internal operations.


Cis & Met Informatica offers software solutions for the management of logistics and transportation implemented with the two prominent SAP ERP and Navision.
We put at the service of Cis & Met our expertise in designing and implementing mobile solutions to support loading and unloading, managing projects and activities.


The CRM to understand customer needs and offer a personalized shopping experience across all channels where the brand is to build loyalty and increase sales.

eCommerce for online purchases or book spending Valet store catalog in complete autonomy with interactive totems and data integrated into the ERP system.

Systems and Digital Engagement solutions in the store to engage and retain consumers through corcorsi, couponing, gaming, instant win.


Akuerò è un’agenzia che offre consulenza, prodotti e servizi con l’obiettivo di supportare i propri clienti e partners nell’acquisizione e fidelizzazione di nuovi consumatori.
Prodotto di punta è la piattaforma di CRM Avila, dedicata alla creazione di una community di clienti tramite lo scambio continuo di informazioni, vantaggi, concorsi, gaming.
Nell’ambito della collaborazione abbiamo offerto supporto tecnologico sia nella realizzazione della piattaforma che nell’integrazione con totem multimediali e applicazioni mobile.


Selex opera come gruppo di acquisto di prodotti e servizi per la GDO. In ambito del progetto Così Comodo, per l’acquisto online della spesa abbiamo realizzato una soluzione integrata con l’ERP aziendale.
Il Cliente che ha effettuato il proprio ordine, può procedere al ritiro della spesa presso il punto vendita grazie all’interazione su un Totem multimediale.


Projects to promote the area with web portals to tell the territory and its peculiarities in new ways that meet the needs of the digital tourist.

e-tourism platform for a new way to experience tourism by providing real time information to travelers, multichannel and multimedia and interactive services.

advanced digital platforms for better sharing of travel experiences on social networks or with their own communities.


Mobile Application available on ‘App Store and Google Play, which allows tourists and citizens to consult via their smartphone the event calendar of the City of Florence.


Platform dedicated to tourism offering to the user experience augmented reality through the use of a multimedia totems. Equipped with a 180 ° rotation mechanism displays a panoramic view of particular interest. With a simple click on the touch screen 32 ” visitors can access multimedia content, audio, video, images and news about the point of interest.

Valdera Toscana

The portal www.valderatoscana.it, offers national and international visitors a new way to experience the region. It is the tourism portal to promote the “Heart of Tuscany” with information about the scenic beauty of the area and public and private excellence which represent its manufacturing base.